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I have an exciting review today. Well, it’s exciting to me. Inglot eyeshadows! These are my first Inglot eyeshadows ever in my lifetime. I asked my Polish friend, Paulina, if she could send me some Inglot since we’ve been doing a little bit of makeup we can’t easily get in our own countries swap. I know you can get Inglot online but it was just easier to go through the Polish pal.

I’ll tell you right now that, unfortunately, I do not know the names of these eyeshadows. All I know is that the last one, the pinky-purple, is a Double Sparkle and the other two are AMC. I don’t even know what AMC stands for. What the hell is AMC?

The shades I have are an orange, red, and a pinky-purple. I had actually asked for a yellow and not a pink shade, but it’s okay. I don’t dislike the shade or anything, but it is similar to a few NYX shadows I have in a purple palette I currently own.

I have created an eyeshadow look with these eyeshadows which you can see here.

I really have no issues with the formula of these eyeshadows. They’re fairly easy to apply and fairly easy to blend. Although, I must say that when I tried applying the red shadow to the crease with a fluffy brush, it didn’t go on as well/pigmented as I’d liked so I had to do something a bit more dense. But overall, not a big issue. With an ordinary eyeshadow brush (like the Real Techniques brush), the orange applied on my lid nicely. It did not take long at all to get a pigmented look. I dealt with very little to no fallout with these shadows. With a primer such as Too Faced Shadow Insurance, I was able to wear these shadows for over 12 hours with very little creasing.

I would definitely recommend these eyeshadows. I really want to have the square eyeshadows from the Freedom System thing. I like how the palettes and the eyeshadows look.

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Monday, March 5th, 2012

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